Although the word is relatively rare in today’s common tongue, muliebrity is about embracing your femininity and taking charge of your body to live a happy, healthy life. The word is derived from the Latin muliebritas, meaning “state of womanhood”, and has defined the concept of women having their own identity, separate from their masculine counterparts.

To quote Dr Nieca Goldberg,  ‘Women are not small men!’

No one understands a woman’s body better than a woman herself.

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Women & Cancer & Sex

It’s St Valentine’s day this week – you may have noticed hearts and flowers everywhere you look and a general theme of love and romance. For many women going through cancer treatment, sex may be the last thing on their mind…or not! Women who are going through treatment for gynecologic cancer are often handed a […]

Women and Heart Health

It’s February (how?!) which in Ireland is traditionally the start of Spring – there’s a bright blue sky out there today, and the snowdrops are a galanthophile’s delight this year. Lambs have been spotted in the fields and of course the next major holiday is St Valentine’s Day (did you know that St Valentine’s remains […]

Does Weight Loss Help with Urinary Incontinence?

The new year is here and with it, lots of motivational posting about exercise and weight loss…but how is this desire for ‘new year, new you’ affecting peri-menopausal women with urinary dysfunction? It has been established that the lower urinary tract is sensitive to the effects of estrogen, sharing a common embryological origin with the […]

Is there a connection between bladder health and sexual health? (Yes!)

  Perimenopausal pelvic health issues are, for many of us, some of the most common issues that we see in the women that we work with. Urinary incontinence is one of the most important issues for peri- and postmenopausal women. In Melville’s study (1) of U.S. women, half of the participants between the ages of […]

Do you know enough about Hysterectomies?

Do you work with women who have had a Hysterectomy? Do you understand the different types of Hysterectomy? Do you understand the short, medium and long term implications of Hysterectomy? Jenny Burrell and I sat down recently to discuss the different types of Hysterectomy and how best to help serve the women who have had […]

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