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At the most recent calculation, 1.2 million women a year underwent a Hysterectomy procedure worldwide.  With a figure of 55,000 in the UK and just over 500,000 in the USA.  Why women undergo this procedure is as varied as the woman to whom the procedure is being applied.  From Ectopic pregnancies to Uterine Fibroids, Endometriosis to Cervical Cancer, the female ailments that precede the need for  Hysterectomy are usually highly challenging in themselves and many women undergo Hysterectomy as a theoretical ‘final solution’ to chronic and life-disrupting issues only to find that there is also an additional toll to be paid during the recovery period and for many years after.  For many women, although Hysterectomy alleviates their most pressing health issues, in the immediate and long-term recovery period, the removal the reproductive organs actually acts as a catalyst to range of, sometimes life-threatening conditions such as Osteoporosis, heart disease, pelvic organ prolapse, bowel dysfunction and Metabolic Syndrome.  

So, unlike other surgical procedures, the expected short-term recovery issues are generally compounded by the unexpected and confusing long-term physical and emotional fallout due to gross endocrine disruption.  Unfortunately, this imbalance and the sometimes debilitating accompanying negative symptoms can easily last for many years and even decades into the rest of woman’s life.

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Michelle LyonsJenny Burrell

11088595_827749873941299_4864391753086284368_oMichelle Lyons is a Global Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Educator based in Ireland that EVERYONE should know if they are working in the world of Women’s Wellness.  The term Women’s Health Physiotherapist although wonderful doesn’t actually cover even a 10th of Michelle’s scope of practice, knowledge, and teaching which includes Female Cancers, Menopause, Bone Health, Herbalism, Pelvic Health, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Integrative Nutrition…..and the list goes on.  Her knowledge base is both extremely wide and deep and her contribution to this certification, quite simply elevates it to being ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR THE LIFE OF EVERY WOMAN!

Jenny's HeadshotJenny Burrell is the Head of Burrell Education and with nearly 20 years dedicated to the fitness, soft-tissue therapy, nutrition of and wellness of the Ante Post Natal woman, Jenny reached out to Michelle Lyons with her extensive knowledge of Mid-Life women’s wellness to see if a collaboration educate both the woman considering and experiencing Hysterectomy would be possible.  As Hysterectomized woman, Jenny experienced first hand the lack or information prior to and after the procedure and dedicated herself to one day creating education for other women so that they would have vital and empowering information that was easy to access in order for them to become better advocates for their own health at such a pivitol time in their life.  You can find out more about Jenny here.

This Course Launches – Tuesday 3rd May, 2016

It is ACCESS ANYTIME which means once you purchase you get access to the Modules and the Facebook Support Group hosted by Jenny Burrell and Michelle Lyons immediately (from May 2nd onwards) and you complete the contents and exam (if you want certification) in your own time.

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