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Empowering Women through Pelvic Health Education

summer reading!

if like a lot of people you are weathering the ' current economic climate' by holidaying at home, why not enjoy some summer reading to transport you to faraway shores...and maybe pick up some ideas for dinner while you're there?! try 'eat, pray, love' by elizabeth...

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Women are different!

Women are different - we have differnt bodies, different hormones and different mindsets. Gender based medicine is a relatively new field - until recently most medical research was done on men and the dosage 'adjusted' for women (after all, women are just like small...

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Yoga and Chocolate – developing a mindful life

Two of life's greatest pleasures in one workshop! Why women NEED chocolate. The history and health properties of chocolate. Developing mindful eating habits. Tuning in towhat your body really wants to say. Becoming conscious of your stress patterns and developing...

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Celtic Spirituality, Celtic Healing

The Celts were a fluorishing and dynamic race who made their way from northern India to spread throughout Europe. Healthy living was aduty for the Celts - their druids not only had a mystical role but were also charged with the Physical, Mental and Spiritual health of...

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog! i hope over the coming weeks to post new info about women’s health, wellbeing and self care as well as info about my upcoming classes and workshops. Please feel free to post a question, comment or suggestion. All the best! Michelle

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