Although the word is relatively rare in today’s common tongue, muliebrity is about embracing your femininity and taking charge of your body to live a happy, healthy life. The word is derived from the Latin muliebritas, meaning “state of womanhood”, and has defined the concept of women having their own identity, separate from their masculine counterparts.

To quote Dr Nieca Goldberg,  ‘Women are not small men!’

No one understands a woman’s body better than a woman herself.

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I would love to say that I invented the hashtag #selfcareisthenewblack, but that honour goes to one of my dearest friends and colleagues Jenny Burrell, who truly walks her talk.Me, on the other hand…..let’s just say I’m a work in progress!! I’ve just come back from a teaching stint in the U.S. – I taught
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Take a deep breath…

Its hard to believe that a week has passed since Woman on Fire 2017. Jenny and I decided to go bigger and better this year so we upgraded the location, hotel and capacity to beautiful Brighton. We went from 70 attendees in central London last year to 170 this year beside the sea! I taught
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Happy Síle Day!

Hello there!   I hope you had a lovely St Patrick’s Day last week and wore something green! More importantly, I hope you ate something green! If you’ve been to one of my courses, you’ll know nutrition is a huge part of my approach to women’s health and dark green cruciferous vegetables. Not only are
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Constipation Q&A!

I never thought, when I was starting out as a physio, many (many) years ago that constipation would be such a feature of my professional life (happily not my personal life, although I will say, I have been known to whip out a mini Bristol Stool Scale at dinner parties…) Bowel function is one those
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Bladder Problems?

With 1 in 3 women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, it is no surprise that a great number of the women who make appointments with me report some sort of problems with their bladder function. Some of the questions I ask: Any leaking when you cough, laugh, stand up, jump or exercise? Do you ever feel
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