Although the word is relatively rare in today’s common tongue, muliebrity is about embracing your femininity and taking charge of your body to live a happy, healthy life. The word is derived from the Latin muliebritas, meaning “state of womanhood”, and has defined the concept of women having their own identity, separate from their masculine counterparts.

To quote Dr Nieca Goldberg,  ‘Women are not small men!’

No one understands a woman’s body better than a woman herself.

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What I want women to know about bladder health…..

So many women (maybe as many as 1 in 3) have issues with their pelvic floor muscles and problems with bladder control. Despite what the ads in magazines tell us, there’s more to it than just buying pads and ignoring it. Here’s what I want women to know: Leaking might be common but never normal
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Back in the Saddle

Hello and thanks for stopping by! It has been a (long) while since I have been posting – life just kept happening with trips to take, classes to teach, a family to love, a new website to work on and a garden to plant. But now! Summer is upon us (how?) and I plan to
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In the bleak mid-winter….

The middle of January – cold, wet, windy….cold. The antidote? Liquid sunshine soup! After a cold snowy walk this morning (if I don’t do it in the morning, it doesn’t get done) But its freeeeeeeeeezing So when we get home, the fires get lit and the soup goes on This soup is an ant-inflammatory, cancer
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Women’s Christmas

So today is the day….if they haven’t come down by now, today is the day the decorations come down. Now, nobody has ever accused me of being a minimalist but those days after January 6th, when all the tinsel and ornaments and STUFF ( I seem to have a lot of Christmas STUFF) has been
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TMJ…Tight Miserable Jaws?

Often, I hear people say ‘I have terrible TMJ’. I am tempted to respond ‘Actually you have two’. TMJ stands for tempero-mandibular joint, which is just the name of the structure, not the problem. You (hopefully) have two of them, one in front of each ear – it’s where your jaw (or mandible) is attached
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