Upcoming events

Some of the places I will be teaching about women’s health over the next few months – hope to see you there!

(For events where I’ll be presenting in person – scroll down please!)


I’m delighted to have collaborated with Jenny Burrell on this online course about ‘Optimal Health after Hysterectomy’ – we look at all aspects of what happens to a women’s body in the short, medium and long term after Hysterectomy and how to live well moving forward



Have a look here at a video of Jenny and I chatting about the course

For more info or to sign up for evergreen access: HAVE A LOOK HERE!!

 I am so pleased to have collaborated with two of my favourite friends and colleagues,  Jenny Burrell and Jessica Drummond on this comprehensive online programme  looking at peri and post menopausal health



This education is extensive and will be presented as 12 Modules which are delivered weekly over the
space of 12 consecutive weeks

3rd Age Woman Online: Promoting a Positive Perimenopause


I’m also delighted to have worked with Medbridge Education in developing four introductory courses to pelvic health topics.

Understanding Prolapse and Understanding Endometriosis are available now and Understanding Prostate Cancer Survivorship and Understanding Breast Cancer Survivorship will be online in the near future


My live events for 2017 :

I’m delighted an honoured to be speaking at the Annual Scientific Meeting of The Pelvic Floor Society in Cardiff in January: I will be presenting a workshop on

‘Best Practice in the Bathroom: An evidence based approach to conservative management of Constipation: Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Lifestyle Management’

Morning Session:

•    Review of anatomy & physiology of constipation
•    Slow transit vs Pelvic Outlet Dysfunction
•    The role of physiotherapy in managing constipation
•    Integrating ‘wellness strategies’ – everyday choices for better bowel function
In February (on the 10/11) I will be co-presenting a foundation level workshop on the pelvic floor for fitpros and physios who are looking to transition into working with women and women’s health issues I’ll post more details about this soon!
March 25/26 sees me heading back to England, to Bath to teach a live two day course on the role of the women’s health physio in Menoapuse and Hysterectomy. For further info or to book, please contact Vanessa Rubery: vanessarubery@nhs.net or email me directly: michellelyonsphysio@gmail.com
April is a busy month!
1/2 April is the annual Woman on Fire weekend – Jenny Burrell and I have teamed up to bring you the best and the brightest in women’s health for a weekend of learning, laughing, networking…and did I mention there’s dinner and a disco?
15/16 April: I’m heading back to Istanbul to talk at the first Pelvic Health Symposium – I will be talking about male pelvic pain, sexual health and the intersection of msk and pelvic physiotherapy. For further info, please email me directly (michellelyonsphysio@gmail.com) or the Symposium organiser, Mr Umit Erkut (osteopat.umiterkut@gmail.com )
22/23 April: I’m off to Minneapolis to teach my Menopause: A Rehab Approach course which provides therapists with an in depth, evidence based toolbox to help serve women who are peri-post menopausal as well as those who have had hysterectomies
29/30 April: I’ll be in Maywood, Illinois teaching my Oncology and the Female Pelvic Floor course. This is a topic I feel passionately about! I spoke at the IPPS meeting in Chicago in 2016 on this topic – this is still an under-served and under-recognised group of cancer survivors, who should be benefitting from the evidence based life-changing treatment that we can provide!
From 3-7 May, I will be at the Klose Lymphedema Conference, in Denver, Colorado. I will be presenting there on the topic of ‘Pelvic Oncology for Lymphedema Therapists’ and I’m thrilled to be invited!
On May 27/28, I will be going back to Turkey, this time to Ankara, to present at a Multi-disciplinary Approach to Urinary and Anal Incontinence – details again from Umit Erkut ( email: osteopat.umiterkut@gmail.com)
June 17/18 will see me in Freehold, NJ, presenting my brand new course on Pudendal Neuralgia and Nerve Entrapment. This is a topic that provides much mystery and confusion to patient and clinician alike – I will be going deep on neuroanatomy, the brain/pain connection when there’s chronic pelvic pain involved, and integrative approach and much more – come and join the conversation!
June 24/25 – I’ll be back in Connecticut! I’ll be teaching my Oncology and the Male Pelvic Floor in Middletown. Despite the growing body of research and evidence, clinical practice in men’s health is still lagging behind women’s health. This course will deepen your understanding of male cancers such as prostate, penile and testicular, as well as bladder and colorectal cancers and their treatment.
September 9/10 – I will be back in the U.K., in beautiful Bath. I will be teaching my ‘Advanced Clinical Skills for Women’s Health’ at the RUH. For further details or to book – please email me directly (michellelyonsphysio@gmail.com) or the site organiser/host, Vanessa Rubery (vanessarubery@nhs.net)
September 12 – I will be presenting at the International Continence Society in Florence, Italy
September 16/17 – I will be heading to California to teach my Athlete and the Pelvis course. This course covers anatomy, differential diagnosis, assessment and treatment strategies with a strong focus on manual therapy and bespoke exercise prescription.
October 13-15 – I will be in Boston teaching PF2A – this always-popular three day intermediate course covers bowel function, an intro to male pelvic health, an intro to assessing and treatng the coccyx and an intro to pudendal neuralgia management
October 21/22 – I will be in Bath, U.K, to teach my ‘Advanced Clinical Skills in Male Pelvic Health course. This course will focus on anatomy review and the latest evidence for treating male pelvic dysfunctions, including pelvic pain, sexual health, athletic issues, pudendal neuralgia, bowel health, prostate cancer recovery and more. For further info or to book a place, please email me directly (michellelyonsphysio@gmail.com) or the site host Vanessa Rubery (vanessarubery@nhs.net)
October 28/29 – I will be in New Hampshire, U.S. to teach Special Topics in Women’s Health. This course covers endometriosis, fertility, hysterectomy and a new expanded session on women’s sexual function and dysfunction.
November 5 – I am teaching a Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations course at Live and Breathe Pilates in Dublin, Ireland
November 17/18/19 – I am going to be teaching a three day Masterclass in Capetown, South Africa on advanced uro-gynaecology and menopausal health for physiotherapists! You can email me at michellelyonsphysio@gmail.com for details
December 2/3 – I will be teaching in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland on Pudendal Neuralgia – registration details to follow