Week 1: Our relationship with food – if we are what we eat, what are you? Letting your food be your medicine – cooking with superfoods. Hormones, food and you – are you fat around the middle? Conscious eating: making the right choices. Mindful eating: enjoying what you eat. Benefits of vegetarianism. Keeping your digestive system happy and healthy.

Week 2: Tone your bones! Osteoporosis – what every woman needs to know about preventing,halting and reversing the effects.The role of food and exercise.  What is ‘arthritis’ – how to protect your joints. Developing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Making the right exercise choices for women

Week 3: Breast Health. Developing a breast cancer prevention lifestyle. Knowing your breasts: recognising change, knowing what to look for. What puts you at risk? What are the roles of food, exercise, stress?Getting a regular check up. Ovarian ca signs and symptoms. Trusting your instincts.

Week 4: Heart health and stroke prevention for women. Knowing your numbers. Risk factors. Signs and symptoms of heart disease and stroke in women. How to prevent, halt and reverse heart disease. Keeping your blood pressure where it’s supposed to be!

Week 5: Taking care of your spine from your TMJ to your tailbone. How women’s spines are different. The role of hormones. Headaches, tension and stress. What is good posture? Bladder and pelvic floor. First Aid for back pain.

Week 6: Stress Rx. What is stress? Stressors and your response. Are you stressed? What can you do about it? Time management, Making lists, Saying No. Breathing, body scan, PMR, guided relaxation, mindfulness. Aromatherapy and massage. Making self care a priority.



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