We often think of osteoporosis as a disease of old women, grey haired and hunched over. Something we can postpone thinking about….or should we even think about it at all?

Did you know….
One in five women in the UK over the age of fifty already has osteoporosis
Every three minutes someone has a fracture due to osteoporosis
In the USA, it is predicted that one in two women over the age of fifty will have an osteoporosis related fracture at some point
In Canada, more women DIE each year as a result of osteoporosis fractures than from breast and ovarian cancers combined

The conventional view is that osteoporosis is unavoidable or must be manage with pharmaceuticals. If you are interested in learning how to charge of bone health, through food and movement, come and join me in London this May for the 3rd Age Summit

We will be discussing:
* how to prevent and even reverse the effects of osteoporosis
* how to improve your bone quality, strength and resilience
* how to get the best medical care
* how food choices impact bone quality
* the exercises to include AND the exercises to avoid

We’re not bad to the bone! Come and join Dr Anu, Jessica Drummond, Jenny Burrell and me and find out how to make your 3rd Age your best age yet!

(Can’t make it to London? Stay tuned for upcoming online learning opportunities with me….)