So today is the day….if they haven’t come down by now, today is the day the decorations come down.

Now, nobody has ever accused me of being a minimalist but those days after January 6th, when all the tinsel and ornaments and STUFF ( I seem to have a lot of Christmas STUFF) has been put away….

I like the space. It gives me room to think (plot, plan, prepare)


Today is also Nollaig na mBan or Women’s Christmas in Ireland. The last day of the festive season, when the women of the house put their feet up and have nice things brought to them by the men of the house. (I am especially grateful for coffee in bed). It is also the feast of the Epiphany, of the Wise Men’s visitation to celebrate the birth of a baby (and the mother who birthed him)

this morning's walk @tullynally

this morning’s walk @tullynally

And so, for my epiphany this year, to celebrate Women’s Christmas, and wise women and men everywhere…..I look forward to another year of travels, of writing, of spending time with family and friends, of walks in the sun and of visiting many, many bookshops. But I also look forward to the space in between, once the ‘stuff’ has been put away. The quiet times, the dreaming, the napping.


Of writing about health and movement and yoga and life….and also, a warning – lots of food posts, especially about my obsession with cruciferous vegetables (because Brussels sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas!)

Wishing you a Happy women’s Christmas, with Epiphanies a-plenty

Michelle x