How can it be nearly the end of September already? But it is…the light is changing as it comes in lower, its a little bit darker every morning when I open the curtains, and I am loving having a fire lit in the evenings.


The French have a wonderful word for this time of year – La Rentree. It conjures up the end of looser summer routines and a return to learning and school schedules and after school activities, the start of the build up to the festive season (don’t you feel like it gets earlier every year?)


I secretly loved September as a child – that new book smell! new pens and pencils! And now, I love that feeling of new starts and new beginnings – as my friend Jessica Drummond says – ‘September is the new January’. I am very happy to have collaborated with Jessica and another of my good physio friends Julie Granger Jesse on our new Female Athlete Wellness course – which you can do at home beside your own fireplace in your pj’s if you want!

Have a look at this free video training series that Jessica has put together and come and join the conversation with us!



Until next time, onwards & upwards!