Is this YOU?

Is this YOU?

So Christmas is over…I hope you had a good one! Here in Ireland, the day after Christmas is a holiday – St Stephen’s Day. In fact not much happens here from a business perspective during Twixtmas – that space between Christmas and New Years. I remember years ago, when I was first working in the U.S. and I was there for Christmas…what a shock it was to realise that Christmas Day was it! Just one day and then back to work at 7am the following day! Talk  about culture shock! Here, the days after Christmas are about relaxing by the fire, visiting family and friends, taking walks with the dogs and generally not much of anything! For someone like me, who’s a bit of a ‘busy-addict’, the enforced downtime is…marvellous. But, I still got work related messages on Christmas day. The temptation is to slip away and ‘just respond to a few emails…’ but I’m trying to walk the talk this year of self care and modelling good behaviour to my daughter, my clients and myself. So in the spirit of Twixtmas, I’m inviting you to think about the words you want to focus on for 2017. I’m thinking about ‘Alignment’ and ‘Spaciousness’ for my personal and professional life.

Today's Twixtmas Goals include: this!

Today’s Twixtmas Goals include: this!


I’ll be launching a bit of a re-brand over the next few months, with lots of new resources. I’m also looking forward to recording podcasts and webinars with some of my favourite thought leaders in women’s health – folks like Jenny Burrell, Rachel Holmes, Alexandra Jamieson, Aviva Romm and Lisette Holland.

In addition, I’ll be posting more regularly, with useful (and hopefully helpful!) tips, videos, exercises and recipes. I’m excited about some interesting new directions for me in 2017 and I’m looking forward to sharing them!

I love this message! Easy to say, can be a bit harder to live...

I love this message! Easy to say, can be a bit harder to live…

In the meantime, if you were to do just one thing today, I’d recommend bringing your attention to your breath. Deep, slow breathing was shown (in a 2012 study by Busch) to affect mood, pain processing and autonomic function. We have to breathe approximately 20, 000 times a day anyway, so why not pay attention to a few of those breaths and allow them to nourish your nervous system? Its going to be good for stress management, back pain, digestion and your pelvic floor – you have to breathe anyway, so why not get all the benefits you can? Looking forward to connecting with you in the New Year – in the meantime, take a deep breath…and…relax!

Michelle x