Hello there!


I hope you had a lovely St Patrick’s Day last week and wore something green!

More importantly, I hope you ate something green! If you’ve been to one of my courses, you’ll know nutrition is a huge part of my approach to women’s health and dark green cruciferous vegetables. Not only are they powerhouses when it comes to providing dietary fibre, but they are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and good for your bones!


Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are not only full of fibre, which can help with weight gain, they are also sources of both calcium and Vit K, which are crucial for bone health. So we can battle cancer, osteoporosis and weight gain – with broccoli!

Of course, exercise is a huge part of bone health too – more about some research looking at the ‘right’ type of exercise for bone health in an upcoming post!

Did you know that the day after St Patrick’s Day is Síle Day? (Síle is pronounced as Sheela!)

sile 1

All over Ireland, in medieval churches from the 12th to the 17th centuries, you will find carvings of Sile na Gig. Nobody is entirely sure why they are there – to ward off evil, to act as a balance to the male patriarchal church or…to remind women to do their vulvar self exams (*that may be a theory of one women’s health physio called…Michelle Lyons)

On a serious note, I think it’s so important that we know our own bodies – knowing what’s normal, detecting small changes and most importantly DOING something about it is absolutely vital. You can find a free download on how to do a Vulvar Self Exam on the Resources tab of my website.

Doing vulvar self exams becomes even more important after peri-menopause, when rates of vulvar and vaginal cancers rise – remember #KnowledgeIsPower!

If you’re interested in learning more about menopausal health, have a look at the online course that I co-created with Jenny Burrell and Jessica Drummond, called 3rdAge Woman. It is an online globally accessible programme with a dedicated facebook support group.



I’ll also be teaching a live course on this topic in Bath this coming weekend and in Minneapolis in April.

And finally…

I’m starting a new blog, called TheLadiesRoom…where I will be sharing information on women’s health aimed at real women (this blog will have more of a focus on sharing info aimed at women’s healthcare professionals). You are cordially invited to join the conversation! It is very early days over there, but I’m hoping it will become a valuable resource for women who want to know ‘what works in women’s health’!


See you all again soon!