October is coming and that means there will be pink ribbons everywhere, as we shine a light on breast cancer. But although treatments for breast cancer have improved dramatically over the past decade and survivorship has also increased, this means that women are living longer with the after effects of treatment for much longer too. Women in their peri and post menopausal years are the age group most affected by breast cancer, which is why I felt it was necessary to add a module on Living Well after Breast Cancer to our 3rdAge certification.


There are four sections to this module, looking at the treatment options available after breast cancer and what each of them mean in terms of living well afterwards. I’m a big believer in #MovementAsMedicine so I’ve put together a short video of the exercises I find myself recommending time and again; hopefully you’ll find them useful too if you work with women who have been through diagnosis and treatment and who now want to focus on living (and moving!) well.



Of course, another benefit to our 3rdAge Certification programme (apart from all the education bombs – hormone health, bone health, weight management, brain and mental health, of course lots of pelvic health…and more!) is the fact that we have a very active Facebook group to support our 3rdAge Instructors. I’m delighted to have co-created this unique certification with Jenny Burrell and Jessica Drummond, and we continue to enjoy supporting the 300+ healthcare professionals who recognise the need to serve 3rdAge women better! We’d love to have you come and join the conversation – helping 3rdAge Women Live Well!

Until next time, Mx