Yesterday, I taught a class to a group of women in my local yoga studio about ‘Women and Back Pain’ – which was really also a class about bladder, bowel and prolapse, eating well, moving well, breathing, sleeping and stress management (there was also a section on chocolate and mindfulness…purely for the antioxidants of course!!) The point I was making yesterday, was that back pain is about SO much more than your back…which meant, of course, that I got to bring some of my favourite props along to talk about women’s anatomy, function and of course, how to manage problems.

We talked about pelvic health, about bladder control, about constipation (of course!) (get your free constipation cure Resource here!) and about pelvic organ prolapse – and because I’m a mixture of a visual, verbal and kinesthetic learner, we talked, we looked at anatomy models and we moved. We talked about breathing when you’re moving, about using your pelvic floor with the breath to manage pressure – both physical and psychological (we also laughed and ate chocolate so a pretty good time all in all!!) And of course, the image of the rubber chicken and her prolapse will stay with them forever (I hope!)

But something that each participant said to me as we finished was ‘how come nobody else has told us that?’ why didn’t my doctor tell me that? you mean I shouldn’t take anti-inflammatories for years? You mean its NOT normal to leak when you cough or laugh or sneeze or stand up?’ I think sometimes, as healthcare professionals, we forget. That what we know, is not knowledge that is accessible to every woman. That we are very good at talking to each other in our little bubble of knowledge but that we should (we MUST!) do a better job of talking to every women about these issues – leaking might be common, but it’s not normal – and almost always fixable! Pain is a sign that your body needs some attention – and masking it with anti inflammatories long terms has risks for heart health, gut health and fertility! Pain with sex is a common issue and a good women’s health physio can help!

So I was delighted when my friend and colleague, Beth Learn, asked me to be on her podcast – she and her co-host Chris Behnke and I talked about pelvic floor dysfunction – in women AND in men, and how we need to de-mystify this topic, have a listen and check out the video and do yourself a favour and subscribe to the podcast – real advice for real women with Beth and Chris steering the conversation with a range of experts in women’s health. I’m already scheduled to make another appearance in September (can’t wait!)

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