Eating well has become…complicated. It seems like everyone’s an expert (or at least telling you they are) Should we do intermittent fasting? (but in today’s paper, there was an article stating it leads to pancreatic damage and insulin dysfunction. Ketogenic is hot…but the long term data (and by long term, I mean five years…) doesn’t support its claims for weight loss.  And paleo? Well in theory it’s ok…but please, enough with the paleo banana bread – really? Cavemen baking brownies?! Sometimes carbs are bad, but some carbs are good, fat was bad but now it’s good but sugar is the devil…and so it goes.

I listened to one of my favourite podcasts during the week, an interview with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Lisa Mosconi, on the podcast ‘Feel Better, Live More’ – the episode is called ‘The Best Foods to Nourish Your Brain’ and in it, Dr Mosconi talks about the best things to eat for brain nutrition (and lets face it, if your brain isn’t happy, nothing else will be so its a great place to start!)


Dr Mosconi says the most important things to consume are: Water, Caviar (!), Oily fish, Dark green leafy veg, extra virgin olive oil and berries – which I thought was great because caviar aside…everything else on that list is super accessible and not very expensive and NOT VERY COMPLICATED!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking – its my stress relief. I probably have more cookery and nutrition books than anatomy books (and that’s saying something!) But I’m a busy woman ( I suspect you are too!) and sometimes, we just want quick, easy AND healthy – not asking for too much, right?


For example…it’s a sunny Sunday (yes, the sun occasionally comes out in Ireland!) and it’s dinner time – so a big Greek salad – lots of dark leafy greens (good prebiotic and fibre source, red onions (more antioxidants than white) olives (probiotics) good feta cheese (protein, bioavailable calcium) and a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for omega 3. (With some spelt bread in the background photobombing the salad…) Easy, quick and delish. Eating well doesnt have to be complicated and if you can read, you can cook! (and yes, there was strawberries and cream and dark chocolate afterwards…purely for the antioxidants, of course!!)

Some of my favourite current reading material:

I was also delighted to sit down recently with my friend and dietitian colleague, Priya Tew, a UK dietitian who shares my passion for women’s health. I wanted to ask her what is regarded as current best practice in the world of dietetics and to do some myth busting with me – hope you enjoy!

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