Yes, I know February has come and gone…but heart health is STILL the biggest killer of women

What do we know?

That female athletes, who develop RED-S, are at an elevated risk of cardiovascular dysfunction because the oestrogen deficit adversely affects endothelial function

High blood pressure in pregnancy can be a risk for premature death in later life… (see this blog post I wrote)

Hysterectomy, with or without ovarian removal, raises your risk for all cause mortality, especially from cardiovascular events (if you work with women who have had Hysterectomies, check out the online course I co-created with Jenny Burrell: Optimal Health after Hysterectomy)

That while oestrogen protects our hearts up until menopause, after menopause, women and men have a roughly equivalent incidence of heart attacks BUT women:

Don’t get accurately diagnosed – women having heart attacks don’t get the same ‘classic’ symptoms that men get: there may or may not be be chest pain, but a woman having a heart attack may have thoracic pain, breathlessness, insomnia, anxiety or gastric upset…and may be told by her doctor that she’s ‘just stressed’ and ‘go home and have a glass of wine’ or…’here are some anti-depressants…’

Women don’t have the same type of heart attacks as men, our issues are not as easily identified on current testing/imaging strategies and we don’t respond as well to the ‘standard’ medical and surgical treatments…

So is it all doom and gloom?


I was delighted and honoured to be asked back again to Fit2B Radio to discuss heart health with Beth and Chris; we talked about what women need to know about heart health at different life stages, the role of oestrogen, exercise, eating and…good sleep! I’ll post the video below (we had a good time with this one!) My previous adventures at Fit2B Radio (The One About Rubber Chickens and The One About Constipation ) were also great fun – if you’re not a subscriber – become one!!!


Are you joining us at Woman on Fire 2019 in Brighton? We’re SO happy that Beth from Fit2B is joining us there to share her wisdom on Diastasis AND on Raising Young Women with Authenticity. We are literally down to our last few tickets so…. I’ll be speaking about back pain, bladder health, bowel function and breast cancer – I decided to only speak on topics beginning with B apparently! Jenny will be expanding not only your exercise prescription repertoirs but how to build a business that works for YOU, we have Susan Clinton talking about Breathing and Athletes, Steph Grey teaching Postnatal and Spinal Pilates, Shelly Prosko talking about Yoga for Pelvic Health and Compassion lead care, Sofie Jacobs will be talking about Perinatal Health and we have barre, strength training, nutrition, hormones, menopause…as well as dinner, dancing and networking. Come and join the conversation and take your women’s health knowledge and application to a new level!

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the video…and I hope you’ll join myself and Jenny as we welcome Beth, and all our other rockstar presenters to Woman On Fire next month!