Good Times in Toronto!!

Hello again! I’m just back from teaching in Toronto at Pelvic Health Solutions – I did a one day Male Masterclass – we covered anatomy/physiology, male pelvic pain, male athlete’s pelvic health, including hernias and of course, prostate cancer survivorship. We then moved on to a two day female focused course – The Evil Triplets of Pelvic Pain – this course goes deep and wide on Endometriosis, IC/ Bladder Pain Syndrome and Pudendal Dysfunction – it’s a new and expanded and updated version of my old Special Topics in Women’s Health course – we had days full of hormones, brain science, myth busting, manual therapy, exercise prescription, lifestyle medicine and lots of laughter along the way – I’ll be back in Toronto in September to talk about Menopause…more of that later!

This is an ESSENTIAL resource!!

One of the resources I kept referring to at the course in Toronto, is the brand new book ‘Beating Endo’ by Amy Stein and Iris Orbuch – two of the pelvic health rockstars in this arena. I’ve said it before but I’ll (uncharacteristically…!!) repeat myself – this is an essential resource if you are a woman with endo but especially if you are working with women with pelvic pain. It’s estimated that endometriosis affects up to 15% of all women worldwide, but too many women are misdiagnosed for too long, severely compromising their ability to live a full life…and too many women, even when they are diagnosed correctly, are given the wrong/ ineffective treatment (hormonal manipulation may dampen down the symptoms, but the disease is still there and fertility is still being compromised…#bandaidapproach) Hysterectomy is NOT a good treatment choice for endo – the gold standard is laparoscopic excision by an expert followed by pelvic rehab. As women, and as women’s health providers, I firmly believe that KNOWLEDGE is POWER and by having conversations about periods and menstrual pain and sexual health and fertility – we empower women to ask questions, to refuse to accept that excruciating pain is normal/acceptable and to demand better healthcare options.

So, I was delighted to be able to interview Amy, and to chat about her book, our mutual views on pelvic health in general, and specifically Endometriosis. Enjoy!! (and let me know if you’d be interested in me recording my Evil Triplets course and making it available online later this year….)

Until next time

Onwards & Upwards