So…a funny thing happened to me over the past few days. I took a shower and it didn’t hurt. Which is kind of surprising because for most of the past ten months, my right shoulder has hurt me quite a bit, often at inopportune or exotic moments like…putting on a jacket….

It all started in Rome last November..

We were walking back to our hotel, along cobbled streets, until I wasn’t walking, I was flying through the air, scrambling and grabbing onto anything I could to remain somewhat vertical.

Over the following weeks, an overwhelming set of symptoms including pain (searingly eye watering), crunchy crepitus on moving and vastly restricted range of motion and strength in my dominant arm. By Christmas, I had about 35′ forward flexion and could only internally rotate (with difficulty) to the mid point of my sacrum. Not good. Yoga poses like Downward Dog and Child’s pose were lost to me. Basic functions like sleeping and bathroom activities became challenging.

And then I came across an article called ‘The 50 Year Old Shoulder’….yes, 50 year old shoulders are a thing!!!

Image by Marc Manhart from Pixabay

I was in the depths of rewriting the 3rdAge Menopause Wellness Certification course with Jenny Burrell at the time, so I knew I had expand the section of the course to look at other musculoskeletal issues that seem to have a particular impact at midlife for women – Foot dysfunctions like plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, Hip problems like Gluteal Tendinopathy, which affect 1 in 4 women over the age of 50 (and the pain of which is described as more significant than OA) and of course, shoulder problems like biceps/ rotator cuff tendinopathy. (and in case I forget to mention it at the end, 3rdAge is on sale until the end of this month – you can use the code SUMMER19 for a £50 discount 😉 – you can check it out here )

By Henry Vandyke Carter – Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body (See “Book” section below)Bartleby.com: Gray’s Anatomy, Plate 411, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37567713

Now my world was originally focused on Sports Medicine before I became enamoured with pelvic health, but I recognise that the world has moved on, especially when it comes to tendon injuries, so I went to one of my esteemed friends and colleagues, shoulder expert Eoin O’Conaire, who kindly agreed to an interview to shed some light on this very personal interest!!

Also of note: Eoin is teaching his Shoulder Masterclass – you can find the details here – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

In Part Two of this blogpost, I’ll share what I’ve done to decrease pain and increase ROM and strength/function (Welcome Back Modified Down Dogs!) And I’ll talk about why it’s SUPER important to include the Thoracic Spine in your rehab planning…

Coming in Part Two….oh, the suspense!!

without further ado…here’s the interview with Eoin – Enjoy!!