Edna O’Brien, the Irish writer, wrote ‘August is a wicked month…’ but I hope this August is treating you well! Having had an ‘interesting’ few months healthwise, I’m looking forward to embracing my inner Parisienne and saying ‘au revoir’ to work for August.

But before I go…

today’s video, starring….

I answered a query a couple of weeks ago about breathing, and the ‘right way to breathe, and I did a fb live to explain it…you can find it on my facebook page, Michelle Lyons Celebrate Muliebrity

I wanted to take it a bit further, so I’ve done a second video, which you can watch at the bottom of this post.

from the video below…

In other news…

Because both myself and Jenny will be off the air for most of August, we thought that we should leave you with something to occupy yourself, so we set up a Summer School…and it’s FREE!!! Every other day, you’ll get a little #knowledgebomb of women’s health straight to your inbox….and if you decide you’d like to go deeper and sign up for a course…we are delighted to offer you a £50 discount on our courses! (at time of writing, £50 is approximately €55 or $60usd)

All you have to do is use the discount code SUMMER19 and let the learning (and potential earning!) begin!

Until next time (stay tuned for the #betterbladder series of posts coming soon!)

Au revoir, mes amies!!