When October rolls around, the leaves start changing color and dropping from the trees and you can see their bare bones…which inevitably makes me think about bone health, especially at midlife for women.

It’s also a great excuse for me to indulge in my love of anatomically theme house decor…well, it IS Halloween!!

Say hello to #3rdAge Barbie!!

We all know, that as women, our bone health needs our attention before, during and after menopause (It’s never too early – or too late!) to start thinking about bone health. While over the years, there has been a lot of emphasis on dairy as an osteoporosis management tool, the Harvard Nurses Study didn’t really show the link between dairy and fracture prevention, But prunes on the other hand…As well as being one of my favourite strategies for bowel health and preventing constipation, there are now several studies suggest that eating prunes every day could help prevent or even reverse bone loss and osteoporosis. One study, for example, found that subjects who had already experienced substantial bone loss were able to completely reverse these losses by eating prunes every day! Others show that eating prunes can help prevent the bone loss from occurring in the first place…so although these were mouse studies, I think there’s some exciting implications here! 100g of prunes/day seems to be the optimal amount – so using prunes along with sesame seeds and some blueberries – in your smoothies, on your porridge/oatmeal – will not only be good for gut health but brilliant for bone health!

Prunes and sesame seeds are Bone Building POWERHOUSES!!!

Of course we cover this deep and wide in our 3rdAge Global Online Menopause Certification, but in the meantime, have a look at this video for a an insight into bone health allies – yoga, pilates and…prunes!

Because women at midlife need to eat well, move well, sleep well and LIVE WELL!!!

Until next time,

Onwards and Upwards,