And all of a sudden, it was December 1st….

I think this has felt like one of the fastest years on record! A busy one personally, lots of travel and work and adventures…and also, as we move into a new decade…time for reflection and polishing that 2020 vision…

I am a huge fan of using good chocolate as part of a mindfulness practice – more on that on my Instagram feed as we move through the month (you can follow me on IG as michellelyons_muliebrity) but I always remember the thrill of getting an Advent calendar each December, and behind each door, was that day’s daily chocolate treat! Instead of daily chocolate for you, I will be posting daily women’s health and wellness strategies to get us through December, to lay down a good pattern of self care before Christmas really kicks off and to set a good foundation for a happy and healthy new year.

So…with that in mind…today’s installment is about breast health – specifically, the importance of wearing the right bra, understanding how our breasts change at different life stages and why the right bra is essential for exercise and sports but also for preventing neck, shoulder and back pain.

In our 3rdAge Online Certification in Menopausal Health, there’s a whole module dedicated to breast health, how our breasts change at different lifestages and how wearing the right (or wrong!) size bra can afect shoulder, neck or back pain. In the latest video on my Youtube channel, which I’ll link to below, I interviewed Siobhan O’Donnell from posturefittingphysio.com about what we really need to know about bra fitting – how often should we have it done, why it matters and how you can tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra for you right now!

Do stay tuned for further updates and videos for my online Breast Cancer Rehab Specialist programme – after a health related delay, I’m delighted to say, it will finally be available online at the end of January – more details to follow!

Coming soon….

But for now…if you’re planning on new lingerie for Christmas…or just because you deserve it! Then be sure to watch this video with myself and Siobhan so you can face 2020 fully supported!!

Until next time

Onwards & Upwards!


Enjoy the video!!