Hello from London!

I’m just back at my hotel after attending a fantastic conference on Cancer and Sexual Wellbeing at Guy’s Hospital – the backdrop in the photo above is the stellar view from the conference centre on the 29th floor!!

It was a day full of amazing speakers, from the worlds of clinical care, sexual health, research and patients who came to share their perspectives, which made everything immediately more clear and relevant – that we are talking about people’s lives – that they are more than their cancer.

To be honest, I’m slightly too exhausted to catalogue all the pearls of wisdom from today but I shall put them into a future blogpost and share them here…but one of the hashtags for #worldcancerday2020 is #IcanandIwill – so I’m making the pledge to be more vocal about #oncologyrehab. So many women that I’ve talked to feel abandoned after active treatment ends – they feel adrift and unsure about how to proceed with exercise, energy management, life…so my mission is to help women live well during and after cancer treatment, and I’m asking you to join me in that commitment!

And the reason why the tank is empty…I finally got to launch my new online course, The Breast Cancer Rehab Coach!!! I’ve been working on this and tweaking, and re-filming and adding and subtracting bits…and finally I’ve released it into the wild wild web! There’s a special launch price for the month of February, where you can purchase it for €447 instead of €497…if you’d like to know more about it, hop on over here to view the modules and all the other relevant info. I’ve really tried hard to make it immediately applicable – yes, we’ll look at the evidence, and we’ll discuss the research in the closed fb group for attendees…but ultimately this is about helping women’s health pro’s help women live well during and after breast cancer.

I have heard over the years about the deep desire to work with women who have gone through this journey, and it really is a lifelong one, from the diagnosis of breast cancer for the rest of your life…but there are safety issues to consider when prescribing exercise or using manual therapies…what if there’s a peripheral neuropathy…is it safe to use manual therapy if the lymphatic system has been compromised by surgery or radiation? What’s the right type of exercise and at what stage? How can we address the pelvic health issues that women with breast cancer face? What red flags do we need to be aware of?

Essentially, I’ve written the course I wish I had access to when I was starting out in oncology rehab…and you don’t have to leave home to do it!!

I‘ve done a series of guest expert interviews for the course as well…but frankly, they are just too important to hide behind a pay wall so I’ll be sharing some of them here and on my youtube channel over the coming weeks…I hope you enjoy them and if you have any questions about the course, drop me a line! The first one I did was with Grainne Donnelly, a physio from Northern Ireland who does tremendous work in cancer rehab; I hope you enjoy our chat!

so, before I go, have a think about what your #IcanandIwill pledge will be, in honour of #worldcancerday2020

Onwards and upwards!


The Breast Cancer Rehab Coach course