Hello again! Working in oncology rehab, I was used to hearing ‘The C Word’ but nowadays, its a different ‘C’ – I hope you’re staying healthy and safe as we get used to living in this brave new world. To keep you occupied (lol!) I’ve been releasing interviews and excerpts from my online Breast Cancer Rehab course – I’ve had a number of the first cohort finish the course overthe past two weeks and I’ll be doing a marketingyour online oncology rehab service fb live for them this week in our closed facebook group. Recent reserach (Gell et al 2020) supports online rehab services for women going through breast cancer treatment and recovery, so it is a great opportunity to not only expand your online women’s health services, but help women live well during and after breast cancer treatment too.

We kicked off the week with an interview with Dr Beverly Zavaleta, talking about the effects of Chemotherapy on oncology rehab

The next interview I shared was with Dr Nicole Stout, where we discussed Lymphedema and Exercise….

Then came a really interesting chat with Louise Brennan about post surgical rehab and her exciting reserach into a new generation of ‘femtech’ for breast cancer survivors….

And finally…on Friday, I asked …what do YOU want to know about breast cancer rehab? I did this video, so put the kettle on and have a watch…I talked about chemotherapy, axillary web syndrome, the best books to read on this topic, exercise selection, fatigue, pelvic health – did I miss anything? If you have questions about breastcancer rehab, tag me on social media and let me know, and I’ll do my best to answer. And of course, if you’d like to learn more, all the details about the online Breast Cancer Rehab course are right here!

Until next time…Onwards and Upwards!