In this blogpost: Covid & Pelvic Health, Exciting News About My Online Pelvic Rehab Course (now available!) and a video with Fiona Rogers about TENS for pelvic pain

As the great philosopher Axl Rose sang, ‘nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain…’ but it kind of feels like Covid IS lasting forever!

While rumours of an impending vaccine abound…there’s nothing on the horizon just yet, apart from stress and anxiety and I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT A GREAT DEAL OF PHYSICAL TENSION AS WELL – all of our stress response centres in our bodies have been getting a thorough workout for most of 2020. My life has changed immeasurably – no more traveling to teach or attend conferences but instead, I’m embracing the wonderful world of online learning and teaching (I must say, I do enjoy the option of business on top and yoga pants and slippers out of camera shot!

Covid is undoubtedly having an effect on pelvic health too – ‘Much of the research and clinical commentary on COVID-19 have been focused on respiratory function. Pelvic floor therapists understand that both respiratory dysfunction and hospitalization can have an impact on pelvic floor function.’ (Siracusa & Gray 2020)

Women with pelvic pain are especially affected – in their paper Leonardi et al (2020) explore ‘The care of patients with endometriosis has been complicated by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Medical and allied healthcare appointments and surgeries are being temporarily postponed. Mandatory self-isolation has created new obstacles for individuals with endometriosis seeking pain relief and improvement in their quality of life. Anxieties may be heightened by concerns over whether endometriosis may be an underlying condition that could predispose to severe COVID-19 infection and what constitutes an appropriate indication for presentation for urgent treatment in the epidemic. Furthermore, the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 can impose negative psychological effects, which patients with endometriosis may be more prone to already’

Which brings me to some exciting news!

If you are interested in helping women with pelvic pain, then you’ll be happy to hear I’ve updated and expanded all my pelvic pain coursework and it’s now available online! There’s a combination of manual therapy (external and internal) exercise prescription and lots of self -care and lifestyle advice. If we’ve met, you’ll also be aware that I’m a bit of an antomy nerd, so I’ve included the Functiona Female Pelvic Anataomy course for free with the Pelvic Pain course. As well as evergreen access to the course, you’ll have access to the closed facebook group, Michelle Lyons MuliebrityEducation

You can have a sneak peek at the course here:

As part of my learning and teaching all about women’s health over the past three decades, I’ve been fortunate to meet some astonishingly clever healthcare professionals and I’m delighted to share this timely interview with one of them, Ms Fiona Rogers, who recently did a video with me, to chat about using tens as a self management strategy for endometriosis/ pelvic pain. Originally, I was going to keep this as part of the course – but it’s too good not to share! You can learn more about Fiona and her electrotherapy course here

But before you go….

You Can Check Out The Functional Female Pelvic Anatomy Course Here!

If you’re just interested in taking a deeper dive on Female Pelvic Anatomy…I’ve got you covered! This course is at a special launch price of €97 for November….but remember – if you sign up for the Female Pelvic Pain Rehab course, you get this course included FOR FREE!!

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