My name is Michelle Lyons – and I’m passionate about women’s health!

This is me!

I qualified as a physiotherapist, over 26 years of clinical experience ago – my passion now is teaching clinicians and healthcare professionals how to help women live well. My professional toolbox includes movement therapies, manual treatment strategies to optimise function, nutrition, herbal medicine, mindfulness and a commitment to integrate a biopsychosocial approach into all I teach, recognising that we don’t treat body parts – we treat human beings xx

For most of the past decade, I’ve spent my time traveling all over the world teaching postgraduate coursework on women’s and men’ pelvic health – I’ve been honoured to present at most of the leading conferences and world stages on women’s health – including Woman on Fire, the International Continence Society, the International Pelvic Pain Society, the Section on Women’s Health at CSM for the APTA, Women in Women’s Health, the Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy Society, the British Pelvic Floor Society, the Klose International Lymphedema conference, the International Herbal Symposium, the  and the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

My teaching work has taken me from Ireland to Italy to Istanbul, from Connecticut to California, from Canada to the Cayman Islands, Australia to New Zealand and South Africa to Singapore…and now more and more, online for global access.

I have over 26 years clinical experience as a physiotherapist and I have a post grad in Innovation, Creative Thinking & Enterprise as I’m always looking to spread the news on women’s health! Because I’m committed to lifelong learning, I’m currently enrolled in another post grad – this time it’s all about Health Coaching and Nutrition – how can we help women make better decisions about their health? The toolbox I reach into also includes training and experience in oncology rehab, yoga, pilates, nutrition, herbal medicine and mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention.

I’ve been on the faculty of Herman & Wallace, The Pelvic Rehab Institute; the Pelvic Obstetric & Gynaecolgical Physiotherapy Association, the Integrative Women’s Heath Institute and Medbridge Education. I’m currently the Clinical Consultant for Holistic Core Restore Coaches ®, the U.K.’s leading franchise of women’s health and wellness coaches.

In 2016, I founded Global Pelvic Physio – a free facebook group for clinicians to ask clinical questions, share resources and generally act as a collegiate forum to advance pelvic health. We now have over 7000 members, who interact, collaborate and network on a daily basis.

So – what is the Muliebrity Manifesto?

That women deserve better healthcare. That feeling comfort, safety and joy in our bodies, is not only attainable, but our birthright. That having fears, concerns or problems dismissed by healthcare providers as ‘part of being a woman/ having babies/getting older is unacceptable. That a knowledgeable woman is an empowered woman. That the healthcare providers who serve women need better education: up to date, evidence based, compassionate and tailored to the individual woman and all the women we serve.

I think you can’t move forward with health until you get the foundational aspects of self care in place – good nutrition, functional movement and restorative habits – but I’m also committed to Evidence Based Medicine, which is why you won’t see me recommending any particular approach without the research to back it up

I don’t know who said it, but I think a good clinician is a combination of physiology. physics and psychology – my job is to show the evidence and empower through education.

Muliebrity means ‘the art and state of being a woman, and I think that needs to be celebrated.

Celebrate Women. Celebrate Health. Celebrate Muliebrity.