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My mission in creating online courses is to help you help women live well…without the expense of travel/hotels/childcare. While there are definitely certain courses I believe MUST be done in person…once you’ve done a basics course, you’re ready for the online world of women’s health online learning!

Better for your bank balance…and the planet! #win/win

It’s Here!!

Bowel Health and Women’s Health

Did You Know?

Women are FAR more likely to deal with issues such as posterior pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions, anal continence (hello childbirth!) and IBS (which affects TWICE as many women as men?)

That the Gut/Brain Axis, which is modulated in large part by the Vagus information super highway is VERY responsive to changes in nutrition, stress management and some surprising exercise strategies?

That medications for conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease may be good at suppressing symptoms…but lasting relief (and maybe disease remission) comes from evidence based lifestyle strategies? (*not saying don’t take meds, but I am saying…use the evidence to help live better and calm down distressing drivers…and maybe then discuss the need for meds with your dr)

That understanding the coccyx is VITAL for female pelvic health – and there’s so much we can do to make the coccyx calm down with external as well as internal strategies

My latest course, Bowel Health & Women’s Health explores all of this and more.

Fill Your Bowel Health Treatment Toolbox

Whether it’s understanding assessment and treatment strategies for colorectal pain drivers or continence… or getting to grips with the gut brain axis – this course covers it all, from functional anatomy to BPS informed manual therapies, teaching people self myofascial release, exercise recommendations and polyvagal strategies. And as always, evergreen access and membership of our closed fb support group

Come on over and check out the curriculum!

Or Perhaps…The Female Hormonal Health Masterclass?!


I’ve been thinking A LOT (!) about women’s health at major life transitions – how our hormones change as we go through major transitions, from menstruation to maternity to menopause – and how we often don’t have a good foundation in what’s happening hormonally (my hand is up here – I was teaching courses FOR YEARS about pregnancy, postnatal rehab, pelvic pain, menopause and hysterectomy, without doing a full exploration of what exactly is happening hormonally, which is the actual reason we feel the way we feel at each of these stages!!

So, with this course, I’m going right back to basics – by understanding menstrual health, we have a better understanding of both maternal health and menopausal health.

Module 1: All about Menstrual Health – what’s happening, how to know if somethings wrong AND what we can do about it!

Module 2: All about Maternal Health – again, starting with the hormonal changes but then taking that through to real life – how can we effectively manage issues like pelvic girdle pain, diastasis, postnatal pelvic health and helping women live well during and after their maternal journeys?

Module 3: All about Menopausal health – this is a huge topic but I want to break this down into super-practical, manageable and actionable steps! We’ll go from peri to post menopause, looking at hormones, musculoskeletal and pelvic health, optimising metabolic function, banishing brain fog and fatigue and there’s a bonus module on prehab abd rehab strategies for hysterectomy

Women And Back Pain…AND you get the Better Breathing coursework FOR FREE when you purchase!!!

So this course is a little different…the first module is about the background info – why is back pain different for women? But then we quickly move into a six week movement strategy programme – that comes with a marketing powerpoint so it’s just about ready to go for your business! In addition, there’s the ‘Better Breathing’ coursework – if you’re a nerd like me 😉 who likes the background on the anatomy of physiology of breathing, and why breathing is important in the management of back pain… AS WELL AS the manual therapy and movement strategies I’ve used over 3 decades working in rehab. It’s an entirely external course so hopefully it will really help fill your toolbox for one of the leading causes of disability globally…and why women’s back pain is different!

Interested in learning more about the Women & Back Pain programming? Click here!

The Female Pelvic Pain Rehab Course is now online!!!

This is a BIG course – and I make no apologies!!! We cover Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome, Vulvar Pain, Sexual Health, Menstrual Health/dysfunction, Endometriosis…and more.

Did I mention there’s also a section on Female Colorectal Function & Dysfunction, covering constipation, IBS, IBD and anorectal pain drivers?

Did I also mention that as a special thank you, I’m including the Female Pelvic Anatomy course FOR FREE?!

Hop on over here and check it out!!

The Female Pelvic Anatomy Masterclass is now online too!

Are you confident in your female pelvic anatomy?

Do you know your ligaments from your muscle layers?

External assessment strategies for the pelvic floor muscles, the coccyx, the obturator internus or the adductors?

Then this might be the course for you! There’s an exploration of the role of the myofascia in female pelvic pain, learning activities to help you consolidate your learning, and of course access to the private Facebook group, Michelle Lyons MuliebrityEducation – REMEMBER, THIS MASTERCLASS IS INCLUDED FOR FREE WITH THE FEMALE PELVIC PAIN REHAB COURSE (see above!)

The Breast Cancer Rehab Coach course!

This is the course I wish I had when I started treating women with breast cancer – so much information is given to women during treatment for breast cancer…but not enough attention is being paid to optimising recovery…until now! This course will fill your toolbox so you can work with women on their breast cancer journey safely and confidently, with a strong focus on the treatments, their side effects and an integrated approach to bringing manual therapy, exercise prescription and a biopsychosocial approach under one course umbrella. Click here for more info and to sign up…

Did You Know? I also have 4 courses available through Medbridge Education!

I’m also delighted to have partnered with Medbridge Education, to deliver four introductory courses that I think are hugely important in women’s and men’s pelvic health – at just 90 minutes (approx) each, they’re a fast way to become familiar of working with patients with diagnoses of endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse, breast cancer or prostate cancer. Click here for more information