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Vulvar Self Exam - A Guide

There are a number of vulvar conditions that affect women throughout their lifecycle. Without exception, these conditions respond to treatment best when treated early.

Constipation Cure - eBook

Constipation! It’s nobody’s idea of a good time.
Here are a few solutions that you can use and may find effective in easing your digestive distress and discomfort.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Learn how to effectively locate, contract & relax your pelvic floor to ensure optimum efficacy in your pelvic floor exercises and avoid any long term issues and/or pelvic floor dysfunction.


Owning HER Health Podcast

We discuss feminine powered action and the Feminine Art of Not Caring What Others think.


The Pelvic Health Podcast

Listen in as I discuss what endometriosis is, what are the symptoms, how it’s treated and the role that physiotherapy plays in helping young girls and women who have this condition.

The Pelvic Messenger Podcast

In this guest podcast, we discuss how a cancer diagnosis affects a women’s pelvic health.


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